What is the "Lost Sierra"?
So what's up with all this "Lost Sierra" business you may have seen or heard about?  Well, in a nutshell, it is a way for our area to promote the FACT that Plumas County is also within the Sierra mountain range right along with the better known Lake Tahoe area.  Most people up until now have really only associated the Tahoe area with the Sierra, northern California area and we're trying to change that. 
When you compare the whole of Plumas County with that of the Tahoe basin area, you quickly see that Plumas County has a LOT to offer that is just as wonderful and beautiful as Tahoe, if not more so.  We have less crowds, less traffic, and more open spaces, freedom and fresh air than anything you'll find within hundreds of miles.  We have more than 50 lakes full of fishing, a multitude of golf courses, breweries, and outdoor recreational opportunities.  We are home to a variety of unique business and growth opportunities.  
The bottom line?  We have more to offer in every way, all you have to do is look around and come find us.